Ep. 250: 3 Tough-Love Secrets to Transition from Side Hustler to CEO with Dr. Cortney Baker

My guest today is Dr. Cortney Baker of the Women in Business podcast. Dr. Cortney’s mission is to equip the next generation of women leaders to start and scale successful service-based businesses in her efforts to help achieve gender equality at the C-Suite level.

Guests like Dr. Cortney are one of the reasons I absolutely love doing this podcast, because they bring me new perspectives that I hadn’t considered before.

My conversation with Dr. Cortney made me take a hard look at something really uncomfortable for me that I’d totally been avoiding looking at in my business.

And today she’s sharing with us 3 tough-love secrets to help you transition from side hustler to CEO (and why you absolutely can call yourself the CEO of your business).

Today we’re talking about:

  • Why Dr. Cortney decided to leave her day job to start her own business and the challenges she had to overcome to grow it to 8 figures.
  • Why there’s “no such thing as passive income where you go to bed broke and wake up a millionaire.”
  • Why she’s so passionate about helping millennial women create sustainable service-based businesses.
  • Why “following your passion” is bad advice and what to do instead.
  • Exactly what need to know about your business in order to be successful.
  • The most important thing to guard in your life so that you can have a bigger impact.
  • What superpower you can cultivate to ensure your success.
  • When you’re allowed to call yourself “CEO”.
  • The one belief Dr. Cortney had to change about herself to get where she is today.

One more thing before we dive in – Dr. Cortney is holding a free training TODAY, September 11, 2019 on her 5 Step Framework to Building Your Profitable Service-Based Business all about how to replace your salary in 6 months or less without burning out, hiring a big team, or dealing with the confusion of doing it all alone.

You can sign up for her free training at https://shannonmattern.com/ceo.

And if you’re listening to this after the webinar is over be sure to head over to Dr. Cortney’s website to get on her list to find out about the next one and grab her 10 secrets you need to know before starting a service-based business – which you can get your hands on at https://www.drcortneybaker.com/10secrets.

Okay, let’s dive into my interview with Dr. Cortney Baker of the Women in Business podcast!

My favorite quotes from Dr. Cortney:

  • “There is no such thing as passive income where you go to bed broke and wake up a millionaire.”
  • “Solve a problem that pisses you off.”
  • “I didn’t look at quitting as optional.”
  • “It’s not your why, it’s your because. I do this for my daughters because they are worth it.”
  • “Surround yourself with people who will breathe life into your dreams.”
  • My goal in my heart is to see women in business succeed.”

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Dr. Cortney Baker is an award-winning entrepreneur, host of the podcast Women in Business: Inspirational Stories of Women Entrepreneurs with Dr. Cortney, TEDx speaker, and a nationally recognized authority on women’s leadership. She has been featured on FOX News, Forbes, iHeart Radio, and Huffington Post, among other publications. As a leadership expert, mentor and business coach to female entrepreneurs and mother of three, she is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to close the gender gap through entrepreneurship.

Dr. Cortney is the author of the best-selling book The Ten Do’s and Don’ts for Business Leadership: Lessons to Lead Effectively and her most recent book, Unlimited: Conquering the Myth of the Glass Ceiling. Dr. Cortney was named the 2016/2017 Texas Business Woman of the Year, and the Top 100 in Healthcare in America. She’s the founder and CEO of KidsCare Home Health, a multi-million dollar healthcare organization with 12 locations across Texas, Colorado, and Idaho. She earned an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University, where She concentrated her studies on understanding and advancing women to the highest levels of leadership.

Dr. Cortney resides in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, daughters, dogs, and rescue kitty.

Connect with Dr. Cortney:

Instagram: @drcortneybaker

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drcortneybaker/

Twitter: @cortneyabaker

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cortneybaker/