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Ep. 321: How to Host a Virtual Summit with Krista Miller of Summit in a Box

krista miller

pssst… if you're a web designer who wants to learn how to create a profitable, sustainable, scalable web design business… this is for you.

Krista Miller is on the show this week to talk about:

  • Krista’s path from freelance web developer for designers to teaching entrepreneurs how to run a virtual summit. 
  • Krista’s accidental success when she experimented with an idea and people kept asking for more.
  • Why you need an email list, even as a 1:1 service provider.
  • Why you don’t need a big audience to host a virtual summit.
  • Common obstacles that Krista sees people coming up on again and again that stops them in their tracks.
  • Her best advice if you are struggling to get traction in your business.
  • The belief Krista had to change about herself to get where she is today.

My favorite quotes from Krista:

  • “I knew if I had a bigger list, that means more people that know about me, even if they're not the people directly buy my stuff, they know who I am.”
  • “It just depends on your mindset and the way you look at it, who cares if they say no, try the next person. It's cool. It's fun if you let it be fun.”
  • “Don't limit yourself based on where you are right now, because that's just going to keep you in that spot”
  • “You have something to value even if you are just getting started”


At Summit In A Box, Krista teaches online business owners to skyrocket their revenue, grow their email lists, become leaders, and make mutually beneficial connections through online summits. These aren’t summits that leave speakers and attendees feeling gross and taken advantage of – her method is focused on strong connections, collaboration, and making a difference in the lives of everyone involved. The best part? She makes it easy! With every strategy, copy template, website template, script, tech tutorial, and resources you'd ever need, your summit prep just got a whole lot easier!

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