Ep. 226: Experimenting Your Way to Success with Sarah Morgan of XOSarah

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My favorite thing is when I get a text from a friend like this because you know it’s gonna be good stuff:

Experimenting Your Way to Success with Sarah Morgan of XOSarah text

Today’s guest is Sarah Morgan of xosarah.com

She’s a former side hustler turned freelance web designer turned online growth coach who helps people who want freedom, flexibility and financial independence create and grow their online businesses without overwhelm.

After running a successful website design business, selling hundreds of blog templates on Etsy, launching ebooks + courses, and teaching over 7,000 students to growth their blog, social media, and email list, she’s learned a few things about where people get stuck/stalled/stressed out and how to get them growing again.

Today we’re talking about:

  • How Sarah started her online business selling e-books
  • How she found clients when she first was starting out
  • How Sarah listened to her audience to find out what they would like her to create
  • The importance of having your own website, email list and blog
  • Sarah’s marketing strategy to drive traffic to her site
  • How Sarah schedules her tasks and days
  • The importance of trusting yourself when it comes to your business
  • Tips for taking better selfies (because I totally asked!)
  • Sarah’s strategy for Instagram posting and engagement

And be sure to head on over to https://xosarah.com/ and get on Sarah’s email list – she’s got some fantastic freebies for you.

My favorite quotes from Sarah:

“I’m very focused. I do just the tasks that are in my schedule and add everything else that comes up later in the month or week.”

“I’m big on weeding out the things that aren’t bringing results.”

“Experiment. Figure out if it works. If it does, keep doing it. If it doesn’t, cross it off and be done.”

“You don’t need to do extra work that isn’t going to be a lot of value to your readers, your students, your clients.”

“You gotta screw it up a little to figure out what works and find some success.”

“Focus on the stuff that actually brings in results.”

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Sarah Morgan is an Emmy Award-winning digital strategist who’s been blogging and building websites since age 13. After escaping her corporate design job, she made it her mission to help bloggers and solo business owners grow their online presence without overwhelm slowing them down. Through coaching and courses, Sarah strives to help you simplify your strategies, focus on done over perfect, and find YOUR best way to connect, grow, and earn online. She shares all of her growth and productivity-boosting secrets at XOSarah.com and on social media @xosarahmorgan.