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Ep. 305: Finding Your Calling with Katie Sullivan of Rise Through Strife

Finding Your Calling with Katie Sullivan of Rise Through Strife

I tell you guys all the time that one of the most rewarding things I do in my business is make this podcast, and it’s because I get to meet amazing people who introduce me to amazing people like today’s guest, Katie Sullivan of Rise Through Strife.

I was introduced to her by Sasha Korobov from Episode 273 – who I’ve kept in touch with and I really should record every convo I have with her and share it with you guys because she’s amazing – but Sasha introduced me to Katie and basically said, “You two need to meet and be on each other’s podcasts” and just made that happen.

I had the pleasure of being on Katie’s show, Rise Through Strife, to talk about the inseparable nature of personal and business growth, and now she’s on Pep Talks today to share how she completely pivoted from professional opera singer to online business coach and all the lessons learned along the way.

Katie and I talk about:

  • Her journey to burnout and the complete 180 she and her husband made to get where they are today.
  • The path to creating a successful creative business.
  • How to get other people to value your work.
  • How to figure out what your audience needs from you.
  • How to make passive income.
  • Advice for someone who is struggling to get traction in their side hustle.
  • The belief Katie had to change about herself to get where she is today.

My favorite quotes from Katie:

  • “Our lives were built around our careers and it wasn't working.”
  • “You have got to get clear on what you want for your life.”
  • “What it is that you have to offer is truly valuable?”
  • “It doesn't have to be saving somebody's life to make the impact that you want. Your little tiny piece of to add to the puzzle is enough.”
  • “If you can put out the roadmap for them, without them having to go on a scavenger hunt for all the pieces and put it together themselves, that’s what changes people's lives.”
  • “Social media is not the solution. Social media is the tool. It's the conversation that is important.”
  • “Word of mouth is, and always has been the most effective form of marketing.”
  • “Know that you are enough and you are exactly in the spot that you're supposed to be right now.”


Katie Sullivan is an opera singer turned entrepreneur who helps other creatives make a living online doing what they love.  After burning out pursuing a career in music, Katie has developed a passion for online business and is ready to share what she has learned about turning a passion into a paycheck.

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