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Ep. 179: Focusing Your Marketing Efforts with Lyndsay Clements


Today I’m talking to Lyndsay Clements of Ellen Grace Marketing. Lyndsay helps women business owners understand what’s working with their marketing and helps them identify where to focus their marketing efforts so that they can say no to things that aren’t working and yes to the things that are. In part one of our interview, Lyndsay shares:

  • How her father’s stroke while she was 7 months pregnant changed the trajectory of her career.
  • Why she gave her notice without having a paying client.
  • Why growing your business doesn’t always mean doing more, and what to do instead.
  • How to figure out what you can start doing less of and where to put your time and resources.
  • How looking at your data can help you increase your sales and traffic.
  • Lyndsay’s advice for someone who is brand new and doesn’t have trends to look to yet.
  • What to do if your data shows you that something isn’t working in your business when you expect that it should.
  • How Lyndsay has transitioned from the rules from working in the corporate world to the freedom of owning her own business.


Lyndsay is a Digital Marketer helping business owners find clarity & achieve sales growth using analytics & marketing roadmaps.

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