Ep. 241: How to Fast-Track Your Side Hustle Growth with Brandi Mowles of Brandi and Company

How to Fast-Track Your Side Hustle Growth with Brandi Mowles of Brandi and Company

My guest today is Brandi Mowles, a Facebook and Instagram ads manager who grew her business from zero to six figures in just 10 months.

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  • How To Price Your Services and Stop Questioning What You Should Charge
  • How To Create Simple Systems That Give You More Of Your Time Back and Allow You To Focus On The Things That Matter Most
  • How To Market Yourself As An Expert And Stand Out In The Crowd So That You Can Attract Your Ideal Client
  • How To Elevate Your Services So You Can Make More And Work Less

Okay, back to Brandi's episode!

Brandi started her online business last year as a social media virtual assistant and soon discovered her love and talent for optimizing sales funnels and driving conversions through Facebook ads.

She's super passionate about helping service-based entrepreneurs scale to 5-figure months so that they can enjoy the financial and lifestyle freedom that she has earned.

What I loved about Brandi – aside from learning a ton about what NOT to do with Facebook Ads – is that she’s so confident in her knowledge and her ability to help businesses be successful.

And I think being confident in what you do combined with a great strategy for marketing yourself is the winning combination to being able to grow your side hustle quickly.

Brandi and I talk about:

  • How Brandi went from being a stay at home mom to building a 6 figure business in just 10 months.
  • Exactly how she found her first virtual assistant clients.
  • How to respond to job postings online in a way that makes you stand out.
  • How Brandi used LinkedIn to get clients.
  • Why Brandi transitioned from being a virtual assistant to a Facebook Ads manager and how she built a reputation for herself as an expert.
  • Why she’d rather spend $3,000 vs. $100 on training.
  • The biggest mistakes people make with Facebook Ads (that I’ve totally made with mine in the past!)
  • The one belief Brandi had to change about herself to get where she is today.

That was such an awesome conversation, and I think back to my first 10 months in business and think, “Ohmigosh there’s no way I would have been able to do what she did.

And it’s not because I didn’t have the knowledge or the skill, it’s because I was not nearly as confident as Brandi is!

But what I know now is that it’s just all in how I was thinking, and I think the biggest reward I’ve gotten from growing my side hustle is the personal growth that comes with it. And as I grow into the person I need to be to handle success, the success appears.

My favorite quote from Brandi:

“Stop consuming so much content and go market your services. You’re going to learn so much more by doing then by consuming.”

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More About Brandi

As a social media VA turned Facebook ad strategist, Brandi Mowles grew her income from $0 to 6-figures in just 10 months.

In addition to running the service-based portion of her business, Brandi also helps other service-based businesses scale to 5-figure months so they can enjoy the same financial and life-freedom that she has.

When she isn't creating a killer Facebook ad or teaching other service-based businesses how to scale, you can find Brandi hanging out with her husband and 17-month old daughter.

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