Ep. 228: How to Price Your Products & Services with Paul Klein of Pricing is Positioning

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One of the things that always blows my mind about this online business that I’ve built is how it’s connected me with so many kind and generous people, but like, in the most unexpected ways.

Today’s guest is Paul Klein of the Pricing is Positioning Podcast, and he and I connected through a YouTube tutorial I had honestly forgotten that I’d created all about how to get an Alexa Flash Briefing set up!

Paul found my tutorial, set up his Flash Briefing and starting following me, and then he reached out and offered to share his expertise on pricing and positioning with you guys on the podcast – and knowing that this is one of the places that you guys struggle with – and I still wrestle with myself – it was an easy yes!

So, I always like to tell you guys how I find guests on this show because I want you to see that everything you put out online, even if it doesn’t do what YOU expected it to do, has a ripple effect.

I created that Alexa Flash Briefing tutorial at the time on the advice of my business coach, at the time when this podcast was only ever going to be an Alexa Flash Briefing, because there weren’t many people in the space it was an uncrowded place to emerge as a leader and get more traffic to my website.

As it turns out, I’m waaay too long-winded for flash briefings, I need, like at least 30 minutes to say what I need to say, so I didn’t really do much more with Alexa.

That tutorial isn’t sending me gobs of traffic like my frantic, scared, just-quit-my-day-job self thought, but it’s bringing me so much more value than I ever could have imagined by sending us awesome people like Paul!

The other thing to note about that story is that if you have great value to offer, don’t be afraid to reach out and offer it to people who serve a similar audience!

So today on the podcast, Paul and I are talking about:

  • How Paul started a side hustle consulting business, quit his day job and pivoted to helping people move forward with their side hustle
  • Paul’s three pillars of revenue
  • Paul’s tactics and strategies for setting pricing
  • Paul’s advice for someone who is just starting out
  • How to shift your mindset about your value
  • The three types of service businesses and how they work together to help you generate more revenue
  • Paul’s advice for increasing your value
  • The importance of providing pricing options to your customers
  • Why you should change your focus from time-for-money pricing to value pricing
  • Paul’s advice for someone who is starting their side hustle
  • The belief Paul had to change about himself to get where he is today.

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

The Product Pricing Roadmap free PDF and video tutorial
Webinar: FREE Online Masterclass on Tuesday, April 23rd at 1pm EST (10am PST).

Connect with Paul:

Web: www.paulklein.net or www.pricingispositioning.com
Podcast: Pricing Is Positioning on iTunes, Spotify, and thanks to you Shannon AmazonAlexa.
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulkleintv/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/paulkleintv
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/paulkleinTV/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/PaulKleinTV
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoQRkgXR4ClPAub12lXgPwg

Some of my favorite quotes from Paul:

“I looked inward to what was important to me, and that was what lead me to the entrepreneurship lifestyle, the freedom and the flexibility that comes with it.”

“Take small courses of action each day, each week, each quarter and then at some point you can jump.”

“People often undercharge or undervalue themselves.”

“Your unique skills, story and experiences are your greatest value.”

“Business is nothing more than solving problems for a profit.”

“It’s not what you are charging, it’s the value you bring to the client.”

“People buy outcomes, not time.”

“Take that next best step that’s going to move you forward in your side hustle and your brand and quit looking at everyone else.”

“Get in the game, jump in and get going!”


Paul Klein is a business consultant and entrepreneur. Paul’s consulting services are centered on his areas of expertise in helping executive level professionals transition from their corporate or government roles to starting and scaling their own 7-figure consulting or freelance business. Paul’s experience as principal and chief executive officer (CEO) of a successful consulting firm and Co-Founder Owner of a software company positions him to provide practical common sense approaches to starting and creating your own consulting or freelance business.

Paul has consulted and worked with numerous national and international brands, including: Target, Slack, UC Berkley, Cracker Barrel, Holiday Inn, KFC, Taco Bell, Yum Brands, JC Penney, Bebe, Dollar General, Sherwin Williams, Les Schwab, and more.