Ep. 181: Perfectionism and Your Side Hustle with Crystal Brisson


I’m here with Crystal Brisson of the Project GLOW Radio podcast, and today we’re doing a hybrid episode for both of our listeners! Today we’re both sharing our journeys and being super transparent about our journeys and businesses.

  • How Crystal confronted her perfectionism head on and her advice on how to break free from it.
  • Our issues with body image and how that affects our businesses.
  • What “show up for the messy” means in body image and business.
  • How to deal with the crickets after finishing your website and what to do instead.
  • Crystal’s advice for me in my quest to stop working so much.
  • Why she thinks there’s no such thing as balance.
  • Why having a clear goal is so important.
  • Why you shouldn’t expect our journey to look perfect.

Crystal Bio:

I help women repair their relationship with food & their relationship with their body image.

Instagram: @feedthatglow

Facebook: Feed That Glow

Twitter @feedglow

YouTube Feed That Glow

Podcast available on Google Play & iTunes: Project Glow Radio

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

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Side Hustle book

The Big Leap book

Brene Brown – Why Your Critics Aren’t the Ones Who Count

Free 5 Day Website Challenge

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The Angie Lee Show

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Jill Coleman (business coach)


“No one gets anywhere in life by themselves.” – Crystal Brisson

“There are people out there that need me to believe in them more than they believe in themselves.” – Shannon Mattern

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