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Ep. 276: Using Facebook Live to Grow Your Side Hustle with Caylie Price

Using Facebook Live to Grow Your Side Hustle with Caylie Price

My guest today is Caylie Price, owner of Better Business Better Life where she teaches how to bring tons of clients into your business and actually be profitable without burning yourself out.

Caylie teaches high-impact, no-cost Facebook strategies that help you build your confidence, clients and cash.

Every time I talk to Caylie, I’m like, “I know, I know. I need to add livestreaming to my arsenal.” And then I don’t do it. Because I put too much pressure on myself to be good at it.

But what I love about Caylie’s perspective is that being “good at it” is not required. In fact, it can have the opposite effect of what you’re going for.

And I’m so excited to have Caylie on the show today because as much as I’m fascinated by my guests who have massively scaled their businesses into the multiple six and seven figures with paid ads, most of us aren’t there yet.

We’re still organically building our audiences, figuring out how to find them online and what resonates and what doesn’t, aligning how we describe our solutions with how they describe their problems.

Most of us don’t either have the money or the capacity for financial risk to use paid advertising to speed that process along, and that’s what Caylie’s here to share with you today – how you can use Facebook in a way to get more organic reach, build your audience, build a rapport, build trust and get clients.

Cayle and I are talking about:

  • How Caylie got started as a business coach in the online space.
  • Why Caylie chooses to keep her business as a profitable side hustle.
  • How Caylie structures her day and manages her time.
  • Why planning is so much more than just being organized, and why it’s critical to your success.
  • Why you should be live-streaming on social media in 2020 (even if no one is watching you live).
  • How to figure out what to talk about on your live-streams.
  • The real purpose of live-streaming (it’s not what you might think)!
  • How to prepare to go live.
  • How to use live-streaming as market-research.
  • Caylie’s advice for someone who is struggling to get traction in growing their own business.
  • The belief Caylie had to change about herself to get where she is today.

My favorite quotes from Caylie:

  • “If you're going to put in the effort to create a piece of content, why not use the method (live-streaming) that Facebook says ‘hey, we're going to reward you for doing this,’ and get the results: get more people on your email list, build that relationship faster and get more sales.”
  • “Being able to talk to and connect with my audience is so powerful.”
  • “People connect with me because I'm approachable. Because I haven't got that formal air and a barrier up to connecting with me.”
  • “You are awesome as you are. There's no reason to try and be someone other than who you are.”
  • “Take action and keeping going because you will get there.”
  • “It's not failure, it's learning, it's feedback and it will get you closer to success every time.”

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Caylie Price is the owner of Better Business Better Life. She teaches you how to bring tonnes of clients into your business and actually be profitable, without throwing yourself under the exhaustion bus.

Recognised as a leader in her field, Caylie teaches high-impact, no-cost Facebook strategies that explode entrepreneur and business owner confidence, clients and cash. Her clients consistently use Facebook Live to sell everything from $4 affiliate products through to $997+ digital programs and services.

In just a few short years, Caylie has grown her business to achieve $20k months and lifestyle freedom. She regularly travels to international conferences to ensure her knowledge remains cutting edge as well as travelling interstate between her home in Newcastle and family in Victoria. All this while ensuring her clients successfully grow their income and profitability.

Connect with Caylie:

Better Business Better Life Website