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Ep. 287: Using Podcasts to Grow Your Side Hustle with Angie Trueblood

Using Podcasts to Grow Your Side Hustle with Angie Trueblood

Is being a podcast guest part of your marketing strategy yet?

If not, what’s holding you back?

I’m gonna take a wild guess that:

A) You like listening to podcasts;
B) You have a business; and
C) You need to get your business in front of potential customers.

If any of that is true, then you are not going to want to miss the next couple of episodes I have for you, because they are all about adding podcast-guesting to your marketing strategy.

My guest today is Angie Trueblood. She’s a podcast visibility expert, and I met Angie because she’s pitched me on behalf of some of the guests you’ve heard on this show, like Brandi Mowles in Episode 241 about fast-tracking your side hustle growth, Dr. Cortney Baker in Episode 251 about going from side-hustler to CEO and Danielle Hayden in Episode 280 about taking home a bigger paycheck from your side hustle.

And now today Angie is on the show to talk about how you can use podcast guesting as a strategy to grow your audience and get customers.

Angie and I talk about:

  • Her journey from side-hustle to self-employed.
  • The opportunity podcasts can create for your business.
  • How Angie found clients.
  • Why Angie hired a business coach and how she grew her business.
  • How to stand out from all the other people who are pitching podcast hosts.
  • The six parts of a great pitch.
  • Her best advice for you if you’re struggling to get traction in your side hustle.
  • The one belief Angie had to change about herself to get where she is today.

My favorite quotes from Angie:


  • “You don't have to be at some giant stage of business to be featured as a podcast guest and to provide value.”
  • “I think when you do good work and you take good care of your people, it eventually starts to snowball.”
  • “Business is not just marketing, it's managing all of these other behind the scenes things.”


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Angie’s Bio:

As a podcast visibility expert and host of the Go Pitch Yourself podcast, Angie Trueblood knows that the only ‘perfect pitch' is the one that leads with value and focuses on building a genuine connection.

Whether she is teaching entrepreneurs how to pitch themselves or working behind the scenes to secure opportunities for others, Angie leverages her super-connector powers to grow businesses and build long-lasting relationships.

When she's not working with her clients or being active in her local community, she loves exploring Richmond, Virginia's parks and playgrounds with her two kiddos, checking out new restaurants with her hubs, and laughing about motherhood with friends.

Connect with Angie: