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What WordPress Theme To Choose as a Newbie and Why You Customize it Last

Hey BFFs! Happy Valentine's Day! My v-day gift to my husband is my total lack of shits to give about Valentine's Day and then later today we'll meet some friends for Corona-ritas and mexican food. Yay! Best day ever!

If you ask around about what theme to use with your WordPress site, you're going to get a million different answers. Genesis. Elegant Themes. Headway. Bluchic. I could go on.

They're all great – but I don't recommend them for newbies.

I know you're super smart and can figure stuff out, but the learning curve for those themes will make you curse WordPress's good name and throw your laptop out the window.

So why torture yourself? Just because everyone else is doing doesn't mean you have to (wow, I just turned into my mom… she said it would happen one day…)

Why not use a theme that will get you up and running FAST and you can make it look like your vision of gorgeous?

The reason I recommend and teach the Make theme by Theme Foundry is because you can make it look like WHATEVER you want, and it's all drag and drop. Easy peasy. And it's free and I don't like to spend money if I don't have to!

I created a super-quick tutorial for you on creating basic graphics in Canva and all the page builder options in the Make theme. I teach this in-depth in the 5 Day Website Challenge – you can sign up in the sidebar.

Many of my BFFs have mentioned the sheer amount of time they spend on design… and that's not a bad thing! But to avoid overwhelm there's a specific order in which to do things, and design is LAST on that list. Yep, last.

I want so badly for you to know how to build and maintain a WordPress site because when you have the ability to make ANY change to your site some amazing things happen!

You gain confidence. You let go of perfectionism because you don't have to get it right the first time. You gain the freedom to change direction without incurring huge expenses. You become unstoppable!

I encourage you to get your content (i.e. WORDS) done and on your site. Get your header the way you want it. Create all your pages. Pick some fonts and colors, and then…

JUST GO LIVE ALREADY! Put it out there! Start tweeting it, linking to it, telling everyone about it!  It's the words on the page that matter.

You can tweak the design when it's live as much as you want whenever you want. And here's how to do it: