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5 Steps to Make Your Own Logo for Under $30

Guest Post by Briana Gibson

You are ready to start your business and you need a logo that you can add to your website and promotional materials. You are a solopreneur with a minuscule budget and limited time. What steps can you take that will expedite this process so you can start doing the work you really want to do?

1. Go to Pinterest to get ideas that you like for your logo

Search “logo designs”. Find logos that match your branding style. Possibly compare it to other logos in your industry to get and idea of what your audience might be used to seeing. Create a board with your favorite ideas.

2. Head over to Creative Market to purchase a “Logo Kit”

Professional designers created these kits and some contain up 500 customizable elements and 30 pre-made logos that you can use to build your logo. Select a kit that fits your logo idea the best. Most kits are under $30.

3. Use Photoshop to customize your logo

You can do this by either signing up for the FREE TRIAL or purchasing the Photography package through Adobe that includes Photoshop and Lightroom for only for $10/month. It’s a great deal if you plan on creating more customizable content in the future.

4. Customize your logo with your Logo Kit

Once you open up Photoshop you can arrange the elements you like the best and simply change the content to your name.

Click here for a free beginner Photoshop tutorial.

5. Save for the Web

Once you are finished with your logo you will want to go to File and “Save For Web”. This will cause a pop up box to appear where you can select whether you want the file to be a JPEG or PNG. If you want to get rid of the white box in the background of your logo select PNG from the drop down window check the box for “Transparency”.

You’re done!

Brand Consultant and Designer Briana Gibson has collaborated with businesses for 8 years to help them create attractive visuals for their businesses. Working with businesses in food, retail, manufacturing, sales and in the online space; she has seen over and over again that many of small businesses are tight on budgets. Her goal is to educate businesses about what their options are when it comes to achieving their visual goals on their current budget. Now, she is giving away her best design secrets to teach solo entrepreneurs to Build Your Own Logo for FREE. Sign-up on her website to receive these valuable secrets.