Ep. 230: Creating a Thriving Web Design Business with Sam Munoz

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Sam Munoz is a web designer who specializes in creating high-converting, optimized, functional & beautiful WordPress websites and membership spaces – but what I really love about Sam is that her mission is to empower her clients.

I absolutely love talking to other web designers about how they do business – and even if you’re not a web designer, you’re going to get so much out of this podcast because if you’re doing business online, at some point in your journey, you’re probably going to transition from DIY to done for you, and in addition to talking about Sam’s story and her business journey and pricing and finding clients and all the juicy questions I ask people on this podcast, we talk about what to look for when hiring a web designer to create a home for your business online that’s going to grow with you.

Today Sam and I are talking about:

  • What a “sustainable website” is and why you want one.
  • How Sam took a leap of faith and jumped into the online business entrepreneurial world
  • How Sam leveraged her online network to find her first clients
  • How Sam went from being the jack-of-all-tech to finding her niche.
  • The importance of teaching your clients what you do
  • What to look for when hiring a web designer
  • How Sam figured out how much to charge when she was first starting out
  • How Sam balances family and her business, and establishes boundaries with her clients
  • Sam’s advice for adding team members
  • Sam’s best advice for someone who is just starting out

I absolutely loved having Sam on the podcast, and you have GOT to go check out her Effortless Web Kits at www.wp-bff.com/effortless – yes, I’m a proud affiliate, and they are gorgeous, and they are genius. They’re so much more than just a theme. They work on top of the Divi theme, so if you’ve taken my Free 5 Day Website Challenge and opted for the Divi theme route, you already have what you need to get an Effortless Web Kit installed right on top of it. And if you don’t have the Divi theme, but you want an Effortless Web Kit you can switch to the Divi theme and layer than on – and if you don’t have a website at all and have no idea how to get started, definitely check out my Free 5 Day Website Challenge, I’ll show you how to get everything set up, and then when you get to design day, you’ll have the option to DIY your own design with my tutorials, or get one of Sam’s gorgeous designs and make it your own!

Thanks so much for hanging out with us today, and I’ll see you next time!

My favorite quotes from Sam:

“The core purpose of your website is to function really well for your business.”

“It’s important to understand the value you bring to the table and price accordingly – and not under-price yourself.”


Sam is a WordPress tech wizard & the creator of the Effortless Website Kits. After receiving a B.S. in General Engineering & exploring many passions, her heart and mind aligned to use her degree and experience unconventionally – through sustainable web development. Sam builds incredible websites and membership sites for her high performing clients & empowers business owners (both the technically inclined and not) to use the power of their website to convert visitors into customers.
Aside from her obvious obsession with coding & computers, Sam also enjoys coffee, reading, snuggling, running and solo dance parties.

Social Profiles:
Instagram: https://instagram.com/hellosammunoz
Facebook: https://facebook.com/sammunozconsulting
Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/hellosammunoz
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