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Ep. 254: Creating Successful Online Courses with Emily Walker

My guest today is Emily Walker of the Course Wellness Podcast.

Emily is a learning designer and podcaster who is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs like us to create transformative online programs for our communities.

Emily and I met on a tech panel we did for the Rebel Boss Summit all about online course tech, and her approach to online course creation makes so much sense and is unlike anything else I see and hear from the experts I follow online.

That’s why I’m so excited to have her on the show not only to share her business journey but also to share her thoughts on adult learning design and online course creation.

Especially for side hustlers – because as we all know, your time is your most precious asset when you have a full-time job, and online courses are one of the best investments of your time because they are scalable, meaning you can serve an exponential number of people in the same amount of time.

But creating a great online course that gets results for your students isn’t a given, and that’s where Emily comes in.

Today we’re talking about:

  • How Emily discovered a major gap in the online business world and realized she had the perfect skillset to fill it.
  • Why your online course shouldn’t be focused on you and what you know (and what to focus on instead).
  • Why less is more when it comes to your online course.
  • The one thing you must know about your audience to create a successful online course.
  • How this one small shift in your sales language can make a big impact.
  • Ways you can ensure your students’ success.
  • How to pick the best online course platform for your course.
  • What to do if you are feeling intimidated by all the course creation tech.
  • How to market yourself if you don’t like writing blog posts.
  • How Emily avoids overworking and manages her daily priorities.
  • Emily’s advice if you’re struggling to grow your online course.
  • The two beliefs Emily had to change about herself to get where she is today.

My favorite quotes from Emily:

  • “Get it out there, start changing people’s lives with your information.”
  • “Create a dialogue with your people, ask them what they want, ask them what they need, ask them how they like to learn.”
  • “It’s more important to share things with the world and share with people then to have something completely perfect.”
  • “In an online business we can always make changes, we can always pivot and grow.”
  • From one of Emily’s mentors to her: “100% perfect but trapped in your head isn’t helping anyone.”

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Emily Walker is a leader, learning designer, and workshop facilitator from beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Emily is the foundress of the Modern Leaders Collective, where she guides heart-centred and soul-fuelled entrepreneurs to create transformative online programs for their people.

Working with a diverse range of clients, from life-changing business coaches, to best-selling authors, to seven figure mindset queens, Emily combines her signature framework for designing learning with the tools for the necessary inner work so that you can say goodbye to low completion rates and hello to empowering transformation.

When she’s not leading workshops or new content for her community, Emily can be found hanging out in yoga pants with her two kitties and her partner, dreaming of their next trip to France.

Connect with Emily:


Instagram: @modernleadersco