Ep. 329: Find Your Solopreneur Support System with Chrissy + Danielle from One Woman Shop


Danielle is a copywriter and digital marketing strategist for spa and wellness experts who want to leave a lasting impression with their online presence and stand out so they can stop being their town’s “best-kept secret.” She quit corporate America 6+ years ago with the need to be able to work remotely and have full flexibility between balancing work and family and hasn’t looked back since.

Chrissy is a technical manager for a software company and has worked with nonprofits and other businesses who want to grow their online presence strategically. She loves spending time with her family, travel, and using her skillset to see other people succeed.

About One Woman Shop: 
One Woman Shop is a community and resource hub dedicated to supporting the goals and success of women-led solo businesses. We believe you can make a big impact with your business while intentionally staying small, and that just because you work for yourself doesn’t mean you have to work by yourself.

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