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How Not to Quit

WP*BFF was born about a year ago in fits and starts. I was freelancing outside of my day job, and it was extremely taxing.

I didn't choose the right clients.

I worked for anyone that would pay me, and I was afraid to charge for my time if it took longer than I thought it would.

I had one perfectionist client that wanted a site that looked straight out of 1999 and just needed me to do it for her. It went against every fiber of my webby little soul, but I did it, revision after revision after revision. I made about a dollar an hour on that site.

That was an extremely valuable lesson. 

I discovered that I don't have what it takes to translate someone else's vision into reality. Especially when I disagree with the vision.


But I know WordPress inside and out, backwards and forwards, so if I thought if I could show people how to use it, you can turn your own vision into reality!

My next idea was going to be brilliant… #not

I wrote a super boring PDF called 5 Steps to Website Success, spent too much time on a website called Website Essentials Academy, created a Facebook page and spent $50 on ads that got me about 7 page likes. At some point Google will catch up with me, right? LOL!

I felt lost, and thought about giving up. 

Then last September, my husband won a trip to Nashville from our local sports radio station (finally his never-ending sports trivia knowledge paid off!)

On the plane I was listening to Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn and he shared how you can do affiliate marketing with the heart of a teacher and not a sleazeball.

In that moment, something clicked in my brain! I bought wifi on the plane, grabbed a domain and hosting and WP*BFF was born (fka WordPress Ally but that's a whole ‘nother story).

I had no idea that any of it would lead to this community we're building of super-motivating, supportive entrepreneurs.

What if I would have just quit after freelancing blew up in my face? What if I would have thrown in the towel after getting exactly zero response on Website Essentials Academy?

I'd have crawled right back into that hampster wheel and started walking. Right back into my comfy little comfort zone.

Some of you just started the 5 Day Challenge. Some of you have stopped and started. Some of you signed up and haven't done anything yet. If you haven't joined us, sign up here.

I challenge you to make the time and finish your site! Think about where you'll be in a few months, a few years if you just keep going!

If you feel stuck, if you feel like what you're doing isn't quite right, if you can't find the time – DON'T STOP. And don't wait for perfection. It's a myth.