Ep. 224: Monetizing Your Niche with Stacey Ogden of Side Hustle Teachers

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Today I’m bringing you Stacey Ogden of Side Hustle Teachers, who believes that being a teacher doesn’t mean that you have to be broke or burnt out.

Through her Side Hustle Summer Camp, she helps teachers that want to start a business as a way to stay busy over the summer, or want a different way to pursue their passions, or are looking to transition out of the classroom altogether.

Stacey’s business is a great example of niching down. She takes a topic that is very broad, like starting an online business, and instead of trying to teach it to a very broad audience, like entrepreneurs or women or mom, she blended it with her passion and her experience and then laser-focused it on teachers, which allows her to speak directly to them in a way that resonates with them.

You can go check out her website, www.side-hustle-teachers.com to see how she does it, and if you know any teachers, share this episode with them!

You never know if they’ve had the inkling that they’ve wanted to do something different, and Stacey might just be the guide they need to take the first step. She has a couple of freebies on her Resources page so you can choose your own adventure – if you already have an idea for your side hustle she’ll help you cultivate it, or if you have no idea what you want to do but you know you want to do something, she’ll help you figure that out.

Today we’re talking about:

  • How Stacey started a blog for moms then pivoted to helping teachers figure out how to start a side hustle
  • How Stacey leveraged skills she had already (instead of trying to learn a bunch of new ones) to serve her audience.
  • The importance of listening to your inner voice
  • How she monetizes her blog
  • Three different strategies Stacey uses to drive traffic to her website.
  • The method Stacey walks teachers through to help them figure out what they want to do
  • Her best advice for what to do if you aren’t getting traction in your side hustle
  • What Stacey had to do to start really believing that she’s a legit business owner
  • The one belief she had to change about herself to get where she is today

If you’re an educator, or you know one, you can join the Side Hustle Teachers Facebook Group.

Side Hustle Summer Camp enrollment opens on May 6, so spread the word to all your teacher friends and check out Stacey’s podcast too!

My favorite quotes from Stacey in this episode:

“What are some small tweaks I can make to make my audience’s life even easier – and make them realize that I totally get where they are coming from?”

“You have so many skills that go into being “just a teacher.” Let’s hash those out. What are you not only good at but what do you enjoy?”

“I wasn’t a teacher by trade, I AM a teacher. It’s just my nature. It’s part of who I am, like my DNA.”


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