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Ep. 282: Print on Demand Self Publishing with Kelli Roberts of Kelli Publish

Print on Demand Self Publishing with Kelli Roberts of Kelli Publish

Have you ever heard of low-content or no-content self-publishing with Amazon print-on-demand?

One day I was mindlessly scrolling my favorite news apps (procrastinating) and I came across this gem:“Amazon Sellers Are Self-Publishing ‘Blank' Books — and Turning a Big Profit

It’s a Money Magazine article profiling today’s guest, Kelli Roberts, who creates designs for print-on-demand products on Amazon.

Low to no content publishing is something I'd never heard of, so I reached out to invite Kelli on the show to learn all about the fascinating world of self-publishing and print-on-demand.

Kelli and I talk about:

  • What low-content and no-content books are and how Kelli makes a living creating and selling them on Amazon.
  • The secret to success with self-publishing on Amazon.
  • Networking at conferences as an introvert.
  • How Kelli got featured in Money Magazine.
  • What a typical day looks like for Kelli.
  • The one thing you need to drive you to keep going when it gets hard.
  • Kelli’s best advice for you if you’re struggling to generate revenue.
  • The one belief Kelli had to change about herself to get where she is today.

My favorite quotes from Kelli:

  • “Do something you enjoy. If you don't enjoy the process, it's going to be a huge struggle.”
  • “Don't compare yourself to anyone else. It's your journey and don't do it just for the money.”

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In 1998, Kelli started selling on eBay as a hobby because she was intrigued about selling things online. But Kelli never saw it as a business opportunity, so she earned a BA in political science in 2005. For the next 8 years, she spent time working at a tennis club and in the investment industry.

In 2013, Kelli decided to quit her job to focus 100% on eBay. Since then, she’s done Amazon FBA, Kindle, CreateSpace, ACX and various print-on-demand platforms. She absolutely LOVES expressive her creativity through print on demand products.

In April of 2018, Kelli started a YouTube channel to help others in the industry. And most recently in September of 2019, she was featured in Money Magazine.

Outside of business, she enjoys fitness, tennis, coffee, vegan food and spending time with friends and family.

Connect with Kelli: