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When Are Squeeze Pages Effective?

Have you ever heard a marketing expert say, “Use a squeeze page to capture email addresses because you give them one option: opt-in or leave and you're more likely to get them to sign up.”
Well, BFFs, that hasn't worked for me yet. Maybe my opt-in sucks (except for you guys tell me it's awesome so I believe you). Maybe my copy sucks. I've never claimed to be a pro copy-writer. But maybe I'm doing everything right and squeeze pages just aren't working for me. That's possible, right?
Whenever I have tried to send cold traffic (traffic from a Facebook ad or a link in Twitter) to a squeeze page, my conversions are terrible!!!
My assumption is that someone clicked on my Facebook ad, went to my squeeze page and not having had any sort of interaction with me previously, my squeeze page didn't give them enough space or content for them to get to know, like, and trust me or get to know what I was all about.
You know what does give people the opportunity to get to know what I'm all about? The homepage of my website.
Here's when I think squeeze pages work for people: when they are more well known. If someone already has a relationship with me and they already trust me, then they already have an inkling that I can actually deliver on what I'm saying so they probably don't need a whole lot of extra information to make a decision. If I send them to a page with only a couple of options, they already have all the information they need to make a decision.
Another situation in which a squeeze page might be more effective is when you are sending traffic from something like Periscope where people can see you, they hear you talking, and they know that you're committed, consistent, and passionate. They don't need to click around a website to learn more about you.
But if you're just starting out, you're not established, and you're trying to build credibility, don't start with a squeeze page. Create your website like I teach in my Free 5 Day Website Challenge. You'll create your homepage with the perfect homepage layout to build that know, like, and trust factor right away. You'll put your opt-in right there underneath your picture. That is what is going to help you start to build your credibility and build your list more than sending someone to a cold squeeze page. Instead, they'll get to your homepage and see your face, they'll be able to click on your About page, and read a few of your blog posts.
This is just me talking from experience. Last year, I took a course on how to build the perfect squeeze page because EVERYONE said that you have to use a squeeze page.
If you know me, you can assume that I followed the instructions to the letter LOL!
And they totally flopped. Oh, the money I wasted on Facebook ads…
Nothing has worked better for me than sending traffic directly to my website. So if you're stressing out about getting your website done and you're like, “Ugh! Now I have to create a squeeze page!” don't worry, you don't have to create one.
But if you are stressed about getting your website done so that you even have an email opt-in ready to roll, you could totally sign up for something like LeadPages and just throw a landing page up on your site. It will give you a little bit of breathing room to get your site done.