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Day 2: Who Do You Need To Be

This post is part of a series where I'm sharing my experience taking Nathalie Lussier's 30 Day List Building Challenge again in 2016, plus giving you tips, tricks and lessons I learned from using it to jumpstart list-building in 2015. You can sign up for Nathalie's Challenge any time here.

Who do I need to be to grow my list to 5000 people in 2016?

Wow, what a question.

I need to be someone who doesn't need to have full hair and makeup done to hop on a Periscope.

I have to practice what I preach and be consistent with my saying “Progress, not perfection.”

I have to know that everything I do today isn't going to have immediate results, and I have to be okay with that. I have to have faith that what I do today will benefit me 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 years from now.

I have to make time for the things that are going to build my list! Periscope. Facebook groups. Writing.

I have to be okay to ASK my network to help me.

And I have to ask for help, delegate, and be okay with it not having to be done exactly how I would do it.

I also need to be someone who believes that it is possible. When I first started in January of 2015, I just had no idea. I don't know that I believed that it was possible, but I wanted it.

Now, I have that belief behind me. I believe that it is possible for me to reach my goal of adding another 3,500 to my email list. I believe that I can help solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to take control of their lives, have freedom, take control of their time, and earn extra money online. I believe in myself that I can help these people get there.

So, who do you have to be in order to meet your goals?